My Everyday Work Carry


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the leather pencil case is Superb mint leather! nicely done good sir
How are the headphones? I've seen these before but never purchased due to the price. Do they sound good for $30?
Good but no base...
Nice pen case... do you mind sharing more about it? What do you have in it? Where is it from?
I posted a second picture that has it open. it hold about 12 pens or pencils... I have a mechanical Pencil, 3 Lamy Safaris, Highlighter, SS Sharpie, and drafting Ruler...
I have one now Bruce. It is excellent. Thanks for the recommendation.
What light is that all the way on the left? It's not labeled.
Oh sorry about that. Its a good bright light. Cheap on amazon of course. I ordered it in black I got it in silver by mistake and decided to keep it.
Thanks Bryce. It just caught my eye, and since I'm in a bit of flashaholic mode right now I figured I'd ask so I could check it out. Definitely looks like quite the bargain given the specs, and looks good too!
I have this light...it's really good quality for the price