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Rocking that old school calculator watch!
Calculator watch for the win!
It depends what you want from this site. I definitely think there is an element of gadget porn here! lol, the site I mean, not this posting. I came looking for ideas to update my daily carry. When I can afford a Leatherman I will update to it. At present I am using a Maplin $22.50 rip off of a Leatherman wingman which came free with a knife. The knife never goes out of my toolbox as it is illegal to carry it in the UK. The Maplin works fine for what I need at the moment.As Ryan points out my watch is appropriate to my needs cost me $100. It is what you need and like really. I love pens, I have one Mont Blanc Roller Ball, which is my favourite. I carry some small multi tools a mixture of Victorinox, Gerber and Leatherman in my briefcase at work. It is all I need!
This is funny, though not unusual here. Spent $75 on a multitool, another $45 on a knife and $10 on a notebook. Of course, you could get the same functionality for about $35 total, but then EDC couldn't pimp out a bunch of affiliate links.Couldn't find a $100 pen to go with that conspicuous consumption? You're not trying.
Assuming you're not joking—with that rationale, you'd end up with a $22 multitool, a $12 knife and a $1 notebook. None of which would be durable, reliable, or a joy to use. I'm likely biased since I carry the same types of items but I wouldn't trust a $22 multitool to help renovate a home, a $12 locking knife to do anything but open a small envelope, and a $1 notebook with anything I planned to keep for more than a few weeks. But what do I know, you're a goddamned cat!
Well, on Amazon, since that's EDC's affiliate, there are, on a quick look, over 30 multis from either Gerber or Leatherman for $22 or under. None of those would work? What are you using it for?
Amazon also offers, and I didn't count them all. over half a hundred lock blade knives by Sheffield, Schrade, or Buck. None of those would work? Why would you need a tactical knife (or, for that matter, a lockblade)? As for a $1 notebook, any stationer will sell you a notebook for a buck or less with archival paper. And, why would you need to keep daily notes for more than a few weeks? Archiving your grocery list for posterity?
I'm not trying to ridicule this particular person; others here have offered even more ludicrous lists (ie, the businessman with 3 $100+ tactical knives). I just thought I'd point out that this is tool porn, not a rational presentation of useful equipment.
And really, did I insult you? A goddamned cat? Apparently your mother never taught you manners.
Haha, was kidding about the cat thing—love cats!

I hear what you're saying about the price of gear and feel the same way to an extent, but I've owned a lot of really cheap gear in my day and have come to the realization that if I am to depend on a piece of gear, it's got to meet certain requirements—price being one of those factors. When I researched a multitool I was about to use to help renovate a house with, I choose something that had the tools I knew I would need (an option for screw bits was one of my requirements) and something I could depend on. I've owned many of those knives you mentioned and would certainly cut an apple or meat with one, but would never trust my fingers around one to do some light prying, scraping, or heavy cutting (that's how I almost lost a finger). And I do prefer archival notebooks, but that's because I have to write everything down to remember it. I reference old notebooks to see what ideas and goals I had 5 years ago and compare them to how I look at things today. So I spend money on quality notebooks that have durable covers and nicer paper.

But back to me agreeing with you—the Gold Edition Apple Watch that retails for $18,000 blows my damn mind. I've ranted about how ridiculous that watch is. Something that won't last a few years before its software (and eventually hardware) are out of date. I've questioned Apple's reasoning for creating such a watch but you know what? I came to the realization that I'm not the target demographic. I wear a $9 watch that tells me exactly what time it is—which is why I have it. I do plan to upgrade because I realize how easy the face is to scratch, the fact that there's no date indicator, and how flimsy the watch is in general. Will I buy the $18,000 Apple Watch? Hell no! But I plan to spend a proper amount on a watch I think is durable, reliable, and has all the functions I deem essential.

All gear is relative to its user. I don't want something that will just work. I want something that will definitely with no questions asked work—and be great at it. I want to rely on my gear. I want to trust that it won't bend, break, rust, or die when I need it most—whether that's everyday or once a year.
"All gear is relative to its user." Truer words have never been spoken. So that is why someone who is willing to pay $200 for a Zero Tolerance knife does so. It is worth it to them. The same reason I only wear Oakley sunglasses or only wear Casio G-Shock watches. I could wear a pair of crapy $3 gas station sunglasses and a crapy Timex, but I think my eyes and time keeping deserve better. Even if I could afford more expensive gear, I wouldn't buy it. But that doesn't mean someone who can afford it shouldn't buy it because they can get something cheeper. But, I'm still 50/50 on the cat thing.
But there is a world of distance between $200 Oakleys and $3 gas station glasses. For $30 you can buy sunglasses that are as good as Oakleys -- same lenses, same fit and finish, same style. So, if the Oakley logo is worth $170, buy Oakleys. If you want to protect your eyes, spend $50 or so and buy glasses much better than Oakleys. You have an absolute right to spend your money any way you want. I just pointed out that it's buying for style, not for utility.
If someone has the means to pay for a quality product then more power to them. I know I go for quality when I am making a purchase for my EDC. I'd rather have something for life than have to repurchase it 10 times because I went with the inferior one.
Nice choices, now put em to use! That Field Notes is begging for some ink.
That's my EDC knife, and I'm a knife guy. Highly recommended. Same phone (I went with the Plus, wrapped in a black matte TEC21 case. The Field Notes and watch are back up, obviously. Redundant = rookie or Prepper, but not my objective for EDC gear.