My Charging Carry

New Orleans, LA
I keep this in my work bag, but carry it with me when going out or camping. The Apple charging cube is not as bulky in my pocket as I thought it would be. I wish the 30 pin charger clipped into my Iphone, but it will hang from the wall and not fall out, so it's a non issue. The cozy sleeve holds the Apple 8 pin adapter very snuggly and also glows in the dark decently bright. I can see it across the room on my desk in the dark. The key here is I used zip ties to secure tiny key rings on the Griffin chargers, which enables me to run the cable key chain through them and hold it all together. This kit is cheaper than a charge key to put together, especially if you got a spare charger lying around. I had this on a regular key ring, but the cable key chain allows for more flexibility in your pocket and easier to take the charging cube off.

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