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The Bolt looks amazing. I ordered mine just the other day. I've never had a "proper" pen so I'm pretty excited to get my hands on it.
I love it. The weight is great, and the Parker refills are my preferred ink, so I'm happy there, too. I get complimented on it often. For sure worth the price.
Good to hear you're pleased with the weight. I was tempted to go for the brass version but that seemed a tad on the heavy side.
How do you like scarf case? Been thinking about getting it but not sure if it offers any decent protection if any at all.
I am a big fan of minimalist designs, and don't drop my phone often, if at all. The scarf is perfect for that scenario. It offers great scratch resistance and a clean matte look, but not much else. For the price, that is fine with me. I dropped once, and my phone was totally fine, but the corner of the case cracked. For under $10 I had no problem ordering a second.
Thanks for the reply! I am going to get it!