Deep Phillips at the ready

The centerpiece of my daily carry is my Swiss Army CyberTool in uncommon blue Sapphire. From the scratches you can tell it's been carried for quite some time. It packs 34 different tools, but the most important for me are as follows. The bits fit into a nut-driver that's sized for motherboard standoffs or vga connectors. The depth of the shank is such that you can easily use it to work on devices with deep screwholes. Most multi-tool screwdrivers are short and stubby, so this elegant long one is only improved by me magnetizing the bits (of course). The tiny flat head screwdriver fits into the corkscrew and is perfect for glasses. The ballpoint pen, toothpick, tweezers and needle for dip switches all are hidden in the knife handle itself.

My BigSkinny wallet was cheap and is seriously thin. My ResQme is a compact escape kit with seatbelt cutter and spring loaded glass breaker.

Apologies for the low lighting, but I hope someone gets some good from me posting. Keep up the interesting items.

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