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That Clover is such a special knife, very exclusive carry.
This is a truly beautiful EDC and possibly the most expensive assortment of pieces I've come across. I can't even begin to imagine carrying a handful of items that could be traded for a new car. For that, I applaud you
thanks guys, was very surprised to see it go straight to the front page - mostly because of the knife that happened I'd say.
isn't it amazing how it always seems to be the centerpiece of any carry, no matter what else is in there?
in mine knife is also pretty much the only piece that changes regularly as i find it too hard to stick with just one for some reason.
will post a pic of the other ones now, would be great to hear what you think on this - should one of them become a permanent part of this carry? thanks
Very nice carry !
That knife belongs in a museum next to the Mona Lisa, the David, and The Last Supper, which is why you earn even more respect from me by carrying it. That knife is the most exquisite piece of human engineering or art ever to grace my computer screen. I don't even feel worthy to look at a picture of it. Enjoy your knife, because if you don't, I will gladly take it off your hands.
thanks, my favorite one right now this one, only wish it was just a little bit smaller, say the size of kestrel - would be an absolutely perfect edc knife
That's a really fun looking knife!