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Core EDC. The Victorinox MiniChamp stays at home when going on business trips (can't be checkin' in no luggage) in exchange for an iPad Mini. Recently became fond of the zippered wallet - keep it as empty as possible but always have the option to safely stow things away there like small USB sticks, or coins when going through airport security. I like the phone sleeve because it adds a little extra effort to get the phone out, serving as a deterrent to constantly pull out my phone. Outer card slot carries a subway card and two business cards.

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The Omega....
could you tell me information of sunglasses lense ? i love that
I'm not 100% sure which color lens I have. The Allyn Scura website doesn't seem to show a picture of each color lens. This model comes with three lens options: "bottle green", "grey/green", and "amber". My guess is that the lenses in this picture are "grey/green". I bought these at Unipair shoe store in Seoul. http://allynscura.com/products/ase-legend-031-20-tempered-glass-sun-lenses
Thank you for ur kindness. :) actually im living in s.korea i will check shop.

They also have a larger frame size for this model. I have a small face, and it's very difficult for me to find frames that fit me in Korea. So when I find some that fit, the price almost doesn't matter. Got lucky to find these... they're classic and quite well made.
yeap , i hope u have good memories in korea.
Thank you again
I'm starting to feel the same way about zip wallets — I throw SD cards and little cord adapters in mine for work.