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The Rat - arguably best value for money in a knife. Rat II is indeed an amazing EDC option, the regular one is a bit on a larger side so not so great for pocket carry both in terms of size and weight. Rat II is perfect though.
Rat II>Tenacious?
I don't own a Tenacious so cannot comment on it, but Rat II is an amazing value. Also I've learned Taiwan made products (Rat II) tend to be higher quality compared to mainland China (Tenacious).
Ah you should check one it. I think they go for around the same price, 50ish bucks. The blade is bigger and has a lot more belly. Steel is basically the same.
localizer, you shouldn't compare Taiwan to China as a country, the people from Taiwan won't be very happy about it.

As for Tenacious vs Rat, I think it's just a matter of personal choice, since they're both differente. Both have good and bad points.
From what I've heard and seen from retailers and reviews, it's more about the companies quality control. Spyderco's Chinese and Taiwanese made knives are often just as good as they're American made ones.
How's the Rat II for edc?
Awesome. Great size, fast deployment. Handle scales are a little bit slick and be prepared to sharpen the AUS 8 pretty regularly. But for the price, it's a great EDC. I carry it as much as my more expensive blades.