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Seoul, South Korea
This is my business trip carry. The bag that carries everything varies based on whether or not it's a suit and tie trip.

The MobileGear adapter has been great for travel and just having an extra adapter always in my bag - thin, light and has a USB port for charging a device, without even needing to plug it into the computer (I got this at the Singapore Airport. Don't know where else to find it).

The Logitech Ultrathin keyboard is a great design. They make the right compromises to make a reduced keyboard as good as it's going to get in my opinion. I have relatively small hands, and after a week I could type at almost normal speed, barring any complicated punctuation. Larger hands might have issues. The same keyboard for the regular sized iPad is excellent.

The Targus Crave sleeve is not so pretty, but years ago I bought it in a pinch for my Lenovo 12" laptop. Years later I would discover that the iPad Mini fits perfectly in the front zippered pocket of the sleeve, so it's a nice package all together

The Audio Technica headphones aren't perfect - I've had issues with the volume controller - but they fit really will in the ear and block out the noise (they're not noise cancelling, but create a tight seal). For the price, I like the sound better than the Bose TruSound buds I wasted money on.

The WD Nomad hard drive case is nice to have. It adds a good amount of weight, so I only take it when I think the drive needs extra protection.

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