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Yaounde, Cameroon
I'm a MacGyver fan, and while I'm American and usually live in Africa, I've spent nearly 2 years of my life in the home of his favorite tool: Switzerland. Whatever continent I live on, these tools are always at hand for quick repairs, a helping hand, camping, and minor emergencies. This kit covers nearly all of the functions that I can plan for, but of course I'd bring a specialized tool if I knew I was going to need it.

►The items on the left go into my pockets or on my wrists.
►The items in the middle fit into the Ricola Tin.
►The items on the right fit into the Skinth case.

-The Victorinox Swisstool RS has been the core of my EDC since 2001. If I don't have the "right" tool for a job, the Swisstool offers an alternative without having to run back to the shop or toolbox. I love the scissors and "seatbelt cutter" blades and wouldn't switch this tool out for any other multitool on the market.
-The Victorinox Swisscard offers a light-duty backup to many of the tools I carry, including the blade, scissors, pen, and flashlight.
-The Victorinox Ratchet is a recent addition that gives me a more comfortable alternative screwdriver and some extra bits not covered by the Swisstool.
-The custom tools are the wooden handle for the jigsaw blade (made from a split dowel and a nail) and the shortened Metal file.
-Aside from sentimental value, the only non-replaceable items are the thin antique knife which I found in an antique store, and the ITP light (which is now owned by Olight).
-The sewing kit and medical supplies are nothing special, though I plan to add some Katadyne water-purifying tablets soon.
-The pill tube contains Ibuprofen, low-power allergy meds, and protein powder. With the exception of the emergency Immodium, these are usually the only meds I take.
-Since my EDC was already Swiss-themed, the Ricola tin is an appropriate container. It is slightly larger than an Altoids tin and holds even the rather-large pill tube. It's perfect and would stay closed even without the giant rubber band.
-When I fly, the Skinth and anything metal from the tin goes in the checked bag, of course.
(Not pictured because I don't [always] carry them are my Kindle Paperwhite, my Monster Jamz headphones, my headlamp, and a pack of gum.)

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