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The Glen designed, Marc manufactured key bar has been in my possession for a while now, and I do love it. Currently, it's housing my house key and the key to my Yamaha Vino 125. I'm using a Nite-Ize #2 S-Biner to attach it to my truck key and keyless entry fob.

I'm going through a bit of a Weekender renaissance at the moment. Today was the second time this week I've sported this guy, and the third day this week I've worn a Weekender. Classic simplicity in a nice sized case...add in a customer leather wristband and I'm feeling pretty good about telling time.

While I already own a plethora of Leatherman multi-tools, this is my first Skeletool. On the advice of another forum member, Stupendous Walrus, I opted for the "CX" version to get the nicer blade in 154CM. Truth be told, I would have gone this route regardless, as the regular version comes with a combo blade, which I'm quite adverse to.

The top......well......I'm on a top kick, what can I say?! This is the one I've been eyeballing the longest, and it was just time to pull that trigger. It's absolutely gorgeous. Truly, Jason with Prometheus (www.darksucks.com), makes this toy a work of art. The perfectly balanced weight between the brass body and 6061 aluminum spindle, along with the slightly extended ruby-tipped spinning point, as well as the functional knurling on the grip, make this little guy spin like butter. No wobble. Just seamless spinning that goes on and on. The first test spin out of the box resulted in a spin of 8:44. I haven't timed it again, but that time can and will be easily beaten.

I've acquired a number of new flashlights in recent days...the LD02 was one of them I was most excited to get in hand. It's not typical to see a AAA light this size with a push button tail cap for power on/off. At a 100 lumen output on high, and a throw of 45m, this little guy kicks all kinds of EDC light butt!

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I am consistently in envy of your 'stuff'. The only reason I use the word 'stuff,' is due to the fact that every my girlfriend sees me looking at people's posts, she comments 'boys and their stuff'

Great job, that watch band rocks!
Thanks for that, Mike! My wife doesn't even refer to it as stuff anymore. It's all "junk" to her nowadays. She just doesn't appreciate good stuff when she sees it.
I was starting to wonder when the GlenMar-Keybar would finally appear...
Haha!!! Finally, right?! It needed to be the perfect setup of gear to compliment its beauty... ;-)
Did the Fenix light come with the clip? If not where did you find it? I have the E12 and want a clip for it.
Hey Alex! The LD02 does come with the pocket clip. The E12 will be a bit harder to find one for, simply because it has a funky diameter when compared to other EDC flashlights. It lives in that weird limbo world between pocket sized and not quite so pocket sized. That being said, there are TONS of aftermarket places for you to find pocket clips. Here's one example: http://www.candlepowerforums.com/vb/showthread.php?388767-Found-a-Fenix-E12-Pocket-Clip Happy hunting!