Non-work EDC

This is my non-work carry. I'm a knife knerd, thus the three knives. The 950 rift is my favorite knife of all time, and orange is my favorite color. Win, win! The P938 is the best carry gun for me that I've yet to find. I carry IWB. The Buck pouch keeps the mag within easy reach, but is very unassuming. The Leatherman lanyard has an inner strand of water resistant fire starting material. I had a flip phone until January, so the HTC was a major change. I love it! I'm trying to get as many items in red and orange as I can. The Mini Grip will probably be upgraded soon in the Benchmade custom shop. I'll also probably start carrying a small can of Cold Steel Inferno as a non-lethal option. More options along the Force Continuum is good...

There you have it, my EDC. It's not the best picture, so I apologize. My camera was almost dead. I'll need to post a work carry at some point, though it's pretty boring. We're not issued anything, really....

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Nice rift! I was damn close to pickin one up a while back, I thought the ricasso would snag on things I would cut though
I've been using a Rift for three years, no issues to report. The 1401 version is simply a step up, at a cheaper price, no less.
I carry the same sig! Love it!
I like the P938 so much, I own two. The other being the Equinox. Such good guns!
Damn, I thought for sure I found a fellow Buck 360 multi tool person.
Lol. It's not part of my EDC, but it is a cool multitool.