"C" is for Copper

Murfreesboro, TN
I started with the idea to put together a brass carry, which I'm still working on. Somehow, that morphed into a Copper carry along the way.

The three pieces that combine to put this copper theme into reality are such top notch items that I would own them in any finish/metal outside of Copper. They're truly beautiful, yet functional works of art.

Starting with the Ti2 Techliner, it's been reviewed to death on this site. All I can do is echo the sentiments of the everydaycarry.com staff. It's an incredible writing instrument.

Tops aren't for everyone...I'm not sure how I got into them, but I'm there now, so there's no turning back! This one is fantastic. The Copper makes it nice and heavy, which keeps it spinning for an awesome amount of time.

Lastly, the Beta QR-2 from Prometheus is just...just...just...wow. The output, the design, all of it...just amazing.


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I also have a copper obsession, unfortunately I was only able to pick up the Lawson brass EDC top (copper had just sold out). My latest dilemma was between that Prometheus and the Maratac AAA.

suppose I need both...
Yep, Vince...go with both! ;)
I do love the copper! Its a good looking metal that I'm working on building an EDC from as well.