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Really like the look of your titanium watch!
Thanks Mel. Friend owns Meoris brand and this one is gift from that guy. M-Ti Serving me well for 4 years now. Even I am admirer of automatic diving watches. Meoris Ti is most of the time on my wrist. Light, waterproof and durable, since with sapphire it is scratch-proof, even I wear it in tough conditions many times.
That are some really nice scales on that Wenger. Can they be baught, ordred? All i ever found were some tutorials on forums how to make it by your self.
Thank you Goran. Yes there is couple of guys making this. Wenger is 15 years old. I ordered custom scales 6 years ago. Look for Hanes Knives on Blade forums. That guy made orange G10 scales for my Wenger + he refurbished knife well.