Copper Obsession

Northern California
Self defined copper junkie for sure... My Kaweco copper liliput and Bromwell flask are safe at the home office so not considered true "EDC".

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I should mention that this is a 100% USA Made collection
I love the copper! You may like my Kickstarter project, The FlatTop. Its a spin coin made in copper, brass or aluminum. Check it out at www.flattop.rocks
Very nice!!! Just now discovering the wonderful world of copper. I've done brass, too heavy and Ti , nice but lifeless. Copper is like an automatic watch. It's a living think and takes on a character of its own. Again. Great setup.
Hey Vince, handsome set. Instantly classic.
love the collection. shows me how very far i have yet to go. The copper looks really great together.
Wow! Love the warm copper glow and the sense of unity a shared metal gives the carry.
Really like the copper look. What do you think of the light?
Just love this cartoonishly tiny AAA. It's their latest Rev.3 finally with three brightness settings (40, 1.5, 138 lumens). I'm planning on making a combo leather pouch for it and the coppersmith ka-bar to hang out in.
That knife is a beauty.
That knife is a beauty.