The SS Carry

Murfreesboro, TN
It sounds like the name of a boat, but it really means "Stainless Steel." ;-)

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Nice carry. I have that same pen, watch (black leather strap), and blade. I like the finish on the handle. Did you buy it that way or remove the black powder coating?
Great question, JDS! Check out this post I made in the forums regarding this knife: http://forum.everydaycarry.com/index.php/topic/424-mercator-k55k/#entry9040
Great post and what history on that blade! Mine just has the black finish. I like the brass finish too, and I'm curious how your wire pocket clip will turn out.
Once the brass handled version is acquired, I'll move on to the wire clip installation. Whenever that happens, there will be pics-a-plenty!
love the ss. looks great
I thought for a second that you meant SS, as in Schutzstaffel, and this was your nazi-carry :) Since a lot of german soldiers has carried this knife during the war. Also the god Thor is associated with the swastika symbol that the nazi-party stole.
ps: This was meant as a joke!