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Can you tell I like Griptilians? The top is a special Cabela's exclusive model with D2 steel. The second is one I bought for my girlfriend. The pink mini not only looks less menacing, but they also donate to breast cancer research when you purchase that model. The next knife is the one that gets the most carry. Having multiple Spyderco knives, I really love the thumb hole, plus the hollow grind and modified sheepsfoot make it a nice little slicer for everyday tasks (both mini's are CM154). I definitely saved the best for last with the Doug Ritter model. This is the knifeworks exclusive model with M390 blade steel. I just got this one but I love the blade shape and I'm super excited to see how the steel holds up compared to the D2.

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RSK1 or the 551? Which do you prefer?
Honestly, I love the blade shape (because of the extra belly) on the RSK1, but I have no real need for M390 steel because I don't employ any of my knives in a "hard use" role. I also feel like on the RSK1, you've got a high end lock-up, very high end steel, and mid-level handles. I purchased this knife with full intentions of replacing the scales (which came in today and will be included in an update next week). My intentions with the RSK1 were to make a truly different Griptilian for occasion use but mostly just the cool factor.

That being said the 551 in 154CM is a wonderful nice at a decent price. For a large EDC, I'm more often than not going to choose my Spyderco PM2 over my Large Grip, but that's just a preference thing.
The pink/black/silver is still fire imo. Nice collection!