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I don't like a lot of stuff banging around in my pockets, so I try to keep it somewhat light. The Spyderco Native is my main carry folder, and has changed my mind about serrated edges for EDC. The Vic Spartan Camo is mostly carried for the tools, but the thin, sharp blades come in handy from time to time. The Olight I2 is small enough to keep clipped in my back pocket next to my wallet without being uncomfortable. The Casio DW-290 is inexpensive, and most importantly tough. I work in a salt water environment, so the fact it is water resistant helps. The Galaxy S4 is one of my favorite electronic devices, and is currently residing in a Lifeproof Nuud case (not shown here).

The Lego Boba Fett has become sort of a gag between my fiance and I. When I wear one out, she buys me another one.

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What's an aquafarm technician?
I work for a company that grows clams and oysters commercially. My main responsibility is caring for the clams that spawn the larvae that is eventually "planted" in seed beds in the Atlantic and Chesapeake Bay.
I meant to say we men tend to carry more than women even though we say we do not carry a lot. The significance of the Lego toy and everything being fun when we work as a team is from the Lego Movie.
I never thought about the significance of the minifig and the need to work as a team, but it makes sense. It's also a reminder not to take myself too seriously, and that there is someone out there that cares about me.
Chris, you have the necessary tools we all should carry and maybe even the lego toy because it does remind us that every thing is fun when we work as a team. Women carry purses. Men carry stuff in their car even though they say they do need a lot. I am a Registered Nurse with a military background as a mechanic so quality assurance is something I strive for. My daily off shift items are wallet, pin, cell, car keys and a handkerchief. However, in my car I have the good Samaritan tools like stethoscope, sphygmomanometers, toolbox, medical kit and a fanny pack from my school with assessment tools. Other than that I would say I don't carry much. I think what we carry reflects quantity and quality of our availability to others. My work environments have these similarities. I believe we have our own human factor engineering techniques to get the task and logistical links as close as possible. Studies have shown that fields like healthcare, aviation and manufacturing industries strive to increase the human factor engineering techniques' quality (Wolf, Potter, Sledge, Boxerman, & Al. 2006).