My former EDC (Boiler Operator)

Medic (age 26)
Northern Territory, Australia
Back in the day i used to be a power station operator. This was the majority of my everyday carry. I've missed items such as pens and my safety glasses as they were often so generic it wouldn't really matter.

The DAP was the most interesting thing, it would apparently stop a person from being injured upon exposure to a corrosive chemical. Pretty amazing stuff...and worth about $500 per can. Also im not really sure why the firearms hashtag has popped up...but i did play with a lot of fire as a boiler operator and it was very manual work...so fire arms might be kinda accurate.

Other missing items include my phone (not permitted on the firing floor), personal keys (not comfortable to carry around), mono goggles (not using them at this point, only when needed) and fireproof gloves (also not using at this point, again only when needed)

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Very different carry and nice to see. I worked with boiler makers when I first got out of High School helping retube boilers and heat ex changers.