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The things that I use everyday & my current bag (though I'm about to change to a new Timbuk2)

I realized after I submitted that there were two things in there I forgot to tag so I'll list them here;

*my Tissot.
-I bought this in 2012 (I cannot for the life of me remember the model name) because it was something I could wear with my shirt/tie work attire and just as easily wear with my shorts/jeans/polo/tshirt off work and weekend attire. I do eventually plan on getting a Weekender or something like that for variety. But, for now, it's an essential every day item even in a world of looking at our smartphones for the time.

*Uniball Jetstream 0.7
-I read somewhere that the Jetstream is just about the perfect pen for left handed writers (such as myself.) Until I find something different that assessment was totally accurate. I currently have a mix of 5 (mix of red, black & blue inks) that I use everywhere (and I ALWAYS keep at least one in my bag no matter what.)

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