First & Practical EDC

Student (age 20)
Erie, PA
This is my main set up, I like to keep it light & simple. I usually only run one knife at a time, with the CRKT being my primary blade. I don't feel the need for note taking gear as of right now just because I have that ability to draw with the stylus on my phone. On the flash drive I keep all of my vitals (copy of IDs, Birth Certificate, and Passport), and I've heavy encrypted it to protect against identity theft. Let me know if you have any suggestions. Thanks

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Thanks for the note, my fellow EDC'r! The wallet is indeed quite grand...made from goat skin I believe. The Fenix light is quite impressive as well. It truly rises from the ashes...each time I turn it on I say (in a very loud and commanding tone) "and God said LET THERE BE LIGHT!". Follow me for more insight as to what's chillin in ma bolsillos!
That wallet is one of the coolest I've seen. I have also heard great things about that flashlight, and the Fenix in general. The coordinator of this EDC pack knows what's up.