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Washington, DC
"All my stuff does two things" should be my motto. I didn't like wearing a watch until it read my emails, and nearly all of this stuff has been modded. The keytool, I ground into a can opener, but that isn't great, I think i made some angles wrong. The peck, which hangs by the lanyard hole has had the pocket clip removed and a P-38 can opener added to it. I can leave the house with only my car key and still have a knife, can opener, box wrench, prybar, bottle opener, thread cutter, file, tweezers, a few screwdrivers etc. It's not as elegant maybe as some of the pocket dumps around here, but that my sort.
The 5th pocket carry, I named that for this publication because it folds up and fits into my jean's fifth pocket, or a change pocket or whatever small space i have for it. My car's ignition key is part of this, inside the key tool as a matter of fact, and i like to keep the weight on the ignition switch at a minimum. I found that if I unclipped the key altogether i'd leave it in the car too much, and I like being able to slap my pocket and know I have at least that. With the watch working as it should I'm not digging into my pocket all the time for every little alert, so I keep the phone in a little sunglasses bag to help prevent scratches. The lighter and flashlight are on a split ring together , which is attached to the center bar of the S-biner, I clip that onto the larger ring that my car remote + safety pin, pad lock keys and handcuff key are all attached to. I then hang that ring on the 'biner clip of the Skeletool, and use the Skeletool's pocket clip to secure the whole deal either on a pocket, or on a belt and "dangling" into a pocket.

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