Saturday Morning Errand Carry

Ontario, Canada

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Use the hell out of my Tenacious and T10T! Might take a stab at that elastic organizer. Wanted to make a kydex but elastic seems thinner\simple\cost effective
Every Ronson I have come across usually needs work. Did you have to do anything with yours? Also like the rare leather(?)
I've been really lucky with my ronsons. I've bought 3 vintage ones and all simply required pushing out the crumbled flint and inserting a new one.
I absolutely love their look and feel.
Love the Ronson!
Did you make that DIY elastic wallet? I'd be interested to know how you did it.
I did make it my self and it was really easy. I highly recommend it. I went to a fabric store picked up I piece of 2.5 inch wide elastic strap. I then folded it around the cards I carry, and 'pinned' it , and used a sewing machine to see the seam. I then repeated the same process with my flashlight, and pen. 'Burn the cut end so it doesn't fray. And for under $2.00 you can make a pretty sweet organizer
Thanks much. That looks like the perfect idea for my pen & notepad.