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Leatherman Wingman: I found that I occasionally needed a screwdriver and rarely pliers at work (biological lab). I initially bought the Wave but quickly learned I didn’t need all the bells and whistles and it felt pretty heavy and bulky. My girlfriend bought me the Wingman for Christmas and I like it a lot better. It’s more simple and compact and the tool opens up easier and feels more positive when you’re opening it. Plus the pliers are spring-assisted so it’s a lot nicer. It has less tools than the Wave but Its more than sufficient for my usual needs I usually only carry this for work

Kahr CM9 w/ Trijicon night sights: This is what I carry most days with Hornady Critical defense. This has replaced my Ruger LCP. The CM9 is slightly bigger and heavier than the LCP. However it is a lot more pleasant and cheaper to shoot/practice with than the LCP. The sights (stock or night sights) are a lot easier to use than the LCP and the recoil is a lot more manageable than the LCP. I usually carry it in a pocket holster I made out of scrap leather. If I do carry iwb I carry it in a On Your Six Design IWB holster. The size of the CM9 is on the middle of ideal pocket size and IWB size in my opinion. When I need a smaller gun, I carry the LCP. The original grip texture can be a little too rough so I added rubber talon grips and now it’s pleasant to handle and shoot. This is carried whenever I am legally able to.

Pilot G2: I like the pen for the feel but my handwriting isn’t the best with this pen. The case is green but the ink is black. I wouldn’t mind writing in green but I have to keep records at work that require black ink.

Extra small Moleskine Volant notebook: I keep this in my back pockets. The notebook is more worn out than it is actually used. I was involved in a minor accident once and having easy access to paper would of been nice to exchange information with. For that reason, I keep little notebook with me as often as I can.

Casio G-Shock G-9000 Mudman: This watch has lasted over 7 years. It replaced a leather band Swiss Army watch because washing my hands as often as I do while working the leather collects moisture and starts to stink. Also working in a lab, a handy digital timer and a stopwatch is valuable to me. And its pretty durable.
Iphone6: The most useful features of a smartphone for me is quick access to the internet, my email, texting. My first smartphone was an Android MyTouch. It was ok but when it came time to replace it I wanted an Iphone due to ease of use and being compatible with most of my colleagues at work. I got an Iphone5 initially but replaced it with an iphone6 when the Iphone5 was stolen. The Iphone6 is nice but I like the size of the Iphone5 better.

Benchmade 556 combo serrated edge: Full disclosure this knife has been in my possession for only 3 days. It was an awesome surprise birthday present from my girlfriend. She went with me to look at knives. I only meant to look at them for fun but she took note of what I was looking at and knew I liked Benchmade. So she later picked out this awesome gift for my birthday. Truth be told I generally don’t pick combo edges however after reading some thoughts online I think this edge is more practical for me because it allows more options in terms of edges/uses and I rarely make push cuts with a knife and tend to make slice cuts more often. The only detraction about this knife is the rough texture and how it wears out my pockets. However I easily remedy that by just carrying it in my pockets and not clipped to them. So I am currently carrying this and seeing how it benefits me. Before I started carrying this I carried a Benchmade 940 so that’s now my backup or alternative option.

Fenix E12: I bought this light mainly to replace a Streamlight Protac 1L I thought was broken but later found out it just needed new batteries. However I am sticking to the Fenix E12 because I feel its more practical for me. One reason is the mechanism allows me to pick the dimmest setting first then switch to the brighter settings. I generally don’t need the brightest setting. Also, the spread of the light is wider than the streamlight which is more ideal for my needs. I attached a tiny key ring to the end of the light and braided the paracord to it because I see a number of people do it to their edc so im trying to see if its practical for me.

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