Weekend outdoors dump

Istanbul, Turkey

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Very cool. That Protrek is a stand-out watch! Badass tactical look.
How do you carry your keys. Because we're launching the Keyn-1 in 7 colors, and the Keyn-2 will have a tactical look like the Protrek! - Ketalon.com
Thanks, I'll check it out
Whats the rope thing coming off of your spyderco! I'd love to make or buy one
It is a lanyard that I made. A 550 rothco paracord dark blue plus some metal beads.
It is not difficult to make one, 3 snake knots in the middle and a diamond knot at the end. Thanks for asking
Do you carry all four knives with you, or just choose which one you need for the day?
For that specific day I took those three plus the surge but in a regular day I usually take spyderco or the combative edge. Thanks for asking
Very unique and cool looking knife (Anso Mojo)!
Feels great in hand and I love the olive wood handle