My office EDC this week!

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Vilnius, Lithuania

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I like how you specified "this week" my edc changes on a daily and changes according to destination...
How do you like the Lamy fountain pen? I'm thinking about getting one but I'm not sure about it yet. Is yours easy to write with or is it kidn of a pain?
Lamy creates great pens in my opinion from safari model to 2000. I have never thought i will like safari, as the design is love it or hate it,but they are great pens that made to last. In my opinion it is hard to beat safari quality in that price range. Plus the interchangeable nibs...and it is so easy. However,i advise to try the nib before as some of them are misaligned and can feel scratchy.But everything else is just great. Just try yourself and you will see, it is a nice experience.