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This is what I carry on me at the Scout Shop. The Timex "Not at the Moment." The Elastic Band broke hold the watch in place. I will be looking for a leather band or one that is comfortable. Suggestions are welcome. Also looking for a new wallet in leather, nylon, tyvek, plastic even duct tape. What ever holds up.

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Hi. Thanks for commenting. I like The Ajoto leather wallet. Looking in to getting The Port Wallet, will have to save. Still looking for a watch band is needs a 20mm band size. I bought a knock-off Nylon NATO to try. I hate it with a capital-T. Thanks again to Liam and Earl.
Ajoto leather wallet, made in the UK using Italian leather. http://www.ajoto.com/tools/the-wallet/
Did you have to do any modification to make the montblanc refill fit the g2? I have the refill in my Amazon cart waiting. Very excited to learn I can fit it one way or another.
You have to trim the the top off. It dries faster on receipt paper rather than the pilot G2 ink. So far I like it. OfficeDepot/OfficeMax has these refills... and the Pilot G2 pens...? How much are you saving? Thank for commenting.
natostrapsco.com is running a memorial week sale until the 26th, 20% off with code USA20. I hate to advertise, but I've spent more than my fair share of cash on that site. They're good quality, maybe not as good as Maratac, but where else are you going to get Bond striped straps?

I don't own a credit card so there will not be any 20% off for me. Thx for the information.
I just got the EAB Lite and I'm curious, how did you lose the pocket clip? I've been trying to budge it and it's not budging.
I know that there has been a lot of changes with the Gerber collection. Do you have the EAB Pocket Knife or the EAB Lite? I bought the Lite, it has a smaller pocket clip that doesn't doesn't clasp well. There's documented complains on this on the internet. The EAB Pocket Knife as a larger money clip design it seems to be holding up a lot better than the lite. I need to Call Gerber. To see what they can do? I read that someone called, they sent 3 clips to try and see if 1 will fit.
EAB Lite: Model Number -31-000345
EAB Pocket Knife: Model Number 22-41830
Here's a site: That explains the one I have.

It shows the clip I lost and the other size.
I called they told me to send the EAB Lite in to them and replace it for the the newest model... Since they don't have clips anymore the model I have.
Wallet: Tumi ballistic nylon RFID multi-window card wallet (I LOVE it)

As far as a watch goes, no parameters given, but any of the popular EDC'd Seiko models would serve him well.
Thank you. The watch was in the picture. More info is in the comments.