Work Day Pocket Dump

City of Sunderland
I'm new to the idea of EDC and have only just started upgrading the stuff I've been hauling around. Here's my first pocket dump - I work as an IT tech in schools, so things need to be safe and inoffensive.
Greenland Biker Wallet - a recent purchase. Nice quality leather, possibly a bit on the chunky side for some.
iPhone 5 - How did we manage before such things? Camera, music, Kindle, etc.
Cheapo Matalan Sunglasses - My kids have a talent for destroying my sunglasses, so I avoid spending a great amount on them, at least until they're older...
LED Torch - A recently added item. I'd never realised both how crappy the torch was on my phone, or how useful a pocket flash could be. This one is a freebie my wife was given, but I have some suggestions from here on my wishlist.
Skulls and Beads - A bit of boho style.
Golf GTD Key - My dad-racer-mobile with keyless entry

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