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Since I started carrying concealed my EDC has really become an evolving system. The belly band allows me to carry with athletic shorts or with a shirt tucked in. I did slightly modify the belly band so that I would have a little more material over the trigger guard. The stretchy material alone just made me a little nervous. The new kydex holster allows for IWB or OWB carry simply by removing and adding different clips. The Field Notes were a gift. I've never been one to take notes outside of a classroom setting, but I'm putting it in the rotation. The Boker Coye Ridgeback is just freaking cool. I've wanted to try a fixed blade for EDC. The stock sheath that it comes with sucks. Fortunately there are some aftermarket options out there for the Ridgeback. The blade needed some work out of the box, but overall I'm pleased. I recently broke my Costa sunglasses, so I'm giving the Oakley Slivers a try. They're lightweight, but the quality feels a little less than what I'm used to with Costa. I've always been one to wear my sunglasses with a strap, and the Chums rubber strap gets the job done. Just in case any of you were wondering, the gun is a M&P Shield 9mm without an external safety.

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