EDC No. 5 Brass Accents

Engineer (age 39)
My latest carry includes two new brass accent items. The Retrakt in brass and the 55 knife with brass bolsters. Love them both so far after a few weeks. Looking to add more brass with a light and watch down the road.

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What's your opinion on the Fenix E12?
I really like the E12. Price is good and I like the size and prefer tail switch es. It seems really well built and it's good to have three light modes. I find myself using mid 50 lumens and high 130 lumens most. I would recommend it
Clean setup! What do you use your handkerchief for?
Thanks Chad. I have been carrying a hanky lately due to A/C problems in one area of our mfg. Plant at work. It has been hot lately! Do u carry one, and if so, how do u use it?
Thanks for the response!
Yes, I do. Feel naked without one. Use it for a ton of things, namely:
-Wiping off/drying my knife, phone, hands, forehead, motorcycle seat, sunglasses
-Snot rag during allergy season (I go through too many tissues otherwise and bandanas are softer in my opinion)
-Protecting my camera when I carry it (don't have a dedicated case for it)
-Sweat rag while laboring
-Spray it with insect repellent then wear around my neck (works great!)
-Etc., etc., etc.