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Great taste. What holsters do you run?
The p239 has a belt clip on it from these guys, http://clipdraw.com. If you're not aware of them its literally a belt clip that is 3M taped to the slide. Mine has been on there for at least 8 years and is still rock solid. The 938 is fairly new and Ive just been keeping it in my pocket in a handmade leather pocket holster I bought at a show. Im debating getting Remora holsters for all my handguns but haven't decided yet. http://www.remoraholsterstore.com/Default.asp

The 239 is my main off-duty carry gun and usually goes EVERYWHERE with me.
Awesome. I've been playing around with my holster rotation for my M&P Shield. I have a DeSantis Cozy Partner, a L.A.G. Tactical modular holster called the Defender (kydex iwb that can be changed to owb with different clips), and I recently picked up a belly band. On most days I carry either my Glock 23 or 27, but when I need something smaller I really struggle making the Shield any more concealable than my 27. The real benefit is that it's more comfortable. Digging the 938. Even with the Shield filling my single stack 9mm niche, I've really thought about picking up a 938.