Yes a Windows phone. Deal with it!

This is my minimal absolute everyday carry. After loosing my Serengetti drivers over the side of a ship and stepping on my Maui Jim's I only invest in cheap UV protection. This picture neglects to include my Aeromatic 1912 Panzer wrist watch with NATO Strap. It's out for a new battery.

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Is it just me or does that Windows phone look eerily like the OS from "Her"?
I am not familiar with the movie/game? "Her" but my phone is actually gray plastic with a titanium edge. What you see here is the protective cover.
I actually was considering moving to the new windows 10 phone.
My 925 should be upgradeable to Windows 10 so I probably will not replace it immediately. I am probably unique at my workplace which is "BYOD as long as it is an iPhone" but I have had no issues integrating it into the company workplace.
I love my HTC One running Windows.
I love my Windows phone.