Updated Simple EDC

I've updated my flashlight, key carrier and phone.

The ThruNite Ti3 replaced my Foursevens Preon1 and I never looked back. A cheaper, better-built (much better clip) AAA light.

The leather Orbitkey was splitting (two pieces of leather glue together), so I went a look for a similar key carrier that uses better quality leather. The Thrux Lawrence Foldover Fob was great. I still use the metal posts from Orbitkey though, because it has two additional metal washers and is a slightly thinner shaft than the one that came with TL.

Moto X Gen 2 replaced OnePlus One. I am tempted by the OnePlus Two that might be coming out in July though.

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I wonder where you bought this watch band. thanks
It just came with the MVMT watch.