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Simple color schemes make for a simple EDC. Chrome and black finishes, with some earth-tone overlays, create a stylistic theme that speaks for itself.

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How do you like the TGT wallet? I'm trying to decide between one of those and the Port by Craft and Lore
Honestly, the TGT wallet went above and beyond my expectations. My friend had one for a while, so I bought one and thought I would just use it for when I wore shorts with small pockets. I've ended up using it as my main wallet, and it's very versatile due to the high quality materials, especially the leather. No matter how much you overstuff that wallet, it will always rebound back to its original size, so if you put less cards or cash in afterwards they won't slip through. I haven't had a Craft and Lore wallet before, but based on pictures and prices, they look high quality. However, the stitching on them looks like a weakness, while the TGT wallets are entirely elastic. If you don't overstuff your wallets, this shouldn't be a problem. The TGT wallets do, however, come in more color schemes and patterns than the Port wallets, but if a more plain look is your type, then the Port wallet looks like a good alternative. And lastly, both wallets are great for a minimalist, but if you need more protection for the bottom ends of your credit cards, the underside-protected Port wallet seems to be a more fitting choice.