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Cape Town, South Africa
Have built this carry over a course of a year. I spend 90% of my work day in the office, dealing with paperwork and packages, signing for things, etc. In the wallet is a PocketMod, which is what the mechanical pencil on the keys is used with (carabiner taken off something else). The S-Biner primarily keeps keys attached to belt loop, but it's the best beer opener I've found short of barmen equipment.

I purchased the folding knife on a whim from a local knife dealer and haven't seen this model since. Assisted open with a safety (barely visible on top) to prevent it opening in your pocket. Much faster to access than the Leatherman, though the Leatherman helps with many other small jobs.

And of course, South Africa being prone to scheduled black-outs, a sturdy flash light that charges quickly.

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