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Self Employed (age 27)
Mission, BC
I custom made the leather pouch which conveniently holds the Esee arrowhead,my Condor Crotalus and my fire tin with flint and steel.I like to be prepared yet enjoy keeping a fairly traditional approach to outdoor and daily tasks and that is what has helped my EDC evolve into its current state.

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Great carry. I really like what you've done with the custom pouch. Did you have much leather-working experience prior or did you pick it up as you went along?
Really appreciate that man.
It's the first sheath I've ever made,the pouch is my second attempt and was an upgrade from the first one I used with this sheath. After looking at the different options I decided I wanted a leather pouch/sheath and thought making my own would be a good task/skill to try out, so I went for it, definitely learned lots along the way.
Awesome work!
Thanks man, it definitely suits my purposes well.