My Lazy Weekend Setup

Lincoln, Nebraska
This is my recent setup for most summer weekend days. Just enough to get most jobs done when I've got no goals in mind besides hanging with the gal, along with the "just in case" multitool. Cheers!

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How do you like the Schrade Pry Tool? Ever cut yourself or anything else unexpectedly with the seatbelt cutter?
Dude, I love it. The it's super handy, the seatbelt cutter is super sharp, but it's tucked away perfectly.
Another person that can appreciate a good Kizer. BTW, does your 3404 have tip up carry. If so, where did you get it? I know older versions did not have tip up carry.
Howdy, I heard a lot about the knives on the forums and I figured that I would just check on Amazon! It was only 106 dollars, free shipping, can't see that's too bad of a deal!Can't *say *, darn voice to text.
Can't *say *, darn voice to text.