My Everyday Carry

Salt Lake City, UT
This is my daily carry for morning rounds at the hospital and in clinic. Many of these tools are quite specialized but almost all are used on a daily basis.

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What brand tea is that? Thanks!
When needing to register to comment I gave up. But than somebody actually asked, I than had to register to comment.

Why not mention of one of the best green teas ever.
You can see two of them in the bottom right hand corner. They are wonderful and probably at your local Costco(assuming you have one of those).
Thanks a bunch! I've never set foot in a Costco, but we do have Sam's. I'm sure I could find it somewhere, but that Amazon link will definitely suffice. Thanks again! - Josh
Correct about the tuning fork. I took one look and said "This guy is a neurologist."
From what I understand, tuning forks are used to test vibration as part of the neuro exam and to test hearing in the Weber and Rinne tests.
Can I ask what the tuning fork is for?