Leather Obsessed EDC

I've been on a huge leather kick the last year and some of these pieces clearly reflect this. I adore handmade, hand sewn, thick, beautifully tanned leather and all of these (except the Midori) are made by Artisan makers in the USA. I'm also unable to go fully electronic for note taking and planning. Instead of Evernote and other apps that I've tried on my iphone I use Field Notes. I'm also a huge fan of journalling or rather writing down affirmations each day - and that is where the Midori comes into play. Some people may think the key fobs are overkill, however, I work in real estate and at the end of a day being able to just grab the color coded fobs for my personal uses is a blessing. The best part of my day is getting to touch the Norm Cahn iphone 6+ case, the leather is absurdly soft and the royal purple suede interior is just kingly.

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