light EDC

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Day off work with my little girl, lightweight carry.

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Hey what device did you submit this on? I'd trying to pinpoint why some people have all their tags on the top left of the picture.
The poster didn't identify the device I'm curious about. I believe the tags are in the upper left because the poster didn't drag them to the appropriate location on the picture.
Well with how the submission process works you need to click on each item and adjust the square size manually, so if they are all on the top left the submitter either manually tagged everything in the top left or it's some kind of bug in the submission process. (im guessing a bug)
I uploaded these on a blackberry, at the time I did tally the items to the tags but for some reason it hasn't worked.
What is the hook on your keychain, and the brass cylindrical item?
The "hook" is an Atwood Hangman. I'm not sure what you mean by brass cylindrical item, the cylinder with holes in is a Trit Lantern made of Ti by a maker called Pete Gray (Grays Precision).