My Alternate EDC

Retail (age 24)
This is my more subtle, lighter version of my EDC because it has a smaller Browning folding knife and no headphones. The Browning folding knife is my oldest knife and it is a great all-around EDC knife for simple things like opening boxes and cutting tape. For times when I need something a little more subtle, I have the SOG Micron Tanto knife which is the smallest knife I've ever owned but definitely does the job for little cutting projects (like cutting tape or small strings). I always carry a Zippo, though I don't smoke, because having something sharp and something that can make a fire are, I feel like, the two most important things you can have in almost any EDC kit. The Saddleback wallet is a great thin wallet that I can easily put in my back pocket and I won't even feel it when I sit. On my keys I use the FreeKey system, which keeps everything nice and organized, as well as a Tile for those rare times when I misplace my keys. I work with a lot of small electronics in my job, so you can see a lot of things specific to those types of tasks: black stick, Nike fuelband link remover for popping SIM cards into and out of phones, a small knife for cutting very little things, and a durable large-capacity flash drive for easily moving around lots of files. The paracord lanyard is a recent addition, but I feel like there's never a reason to not have some on hand; my lanyard is made from one single piece of black 550 paracord, approximately 10 feet long.

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