Ghosts of cell phones past

This is a collection of cell phones that I cleaned out of my desk drawer today. It doesn't include phones that my employers provided.

The Audiovox flip phone is the first cell phone I bought for myself a century ago. I had a succession of corporate Blackberrys coincidently and replaced it with a Blackberry Bold. I abandoned the Bold to get the iPhone 3GS. I liked it well enough but didn't like the iTunes eco-system. The Nokia 1280 and the C2-01 were international travel phones my wife and I used in Europe. The LG was a throwaway bridge phone before I settled on the Nokia 925 - my current carry. I will probably replace this with another Lumia in the future. Absent is a Samsung Rugby II that I gave to my uncle.

You may be curious that I have not had an Android phone. I had an Android Galaxy Tablet and just didn't like it.

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