Pocket Dump

Jakarta, Indonesia
Just as the title says, This is what mostly goes into my pocket every single day. The rest is either in my pack or my belt. And yes, I always carry a flashlight, but still looking for something that might fits in with this pocket dump setup. I simply love having leather and wood stuff :D

- Glasses : Can't go anywhere without wearing one of these. Got another one as a backup.
- Leather Key Holder : Less rattling, holds more than enough key for me.
- Seiko SNK809 K2 w/ Leather Strap : An affordable automatic watch, bought it after I saw recommendation on this site.
- Zebra F-701 : Cheap, full-metal pen, gotta love how it feels.
- Kershaw Oso Sweet : I'm not a folder guy, got this one for everyday task. Modified it handle with Teak Burl.
- Leather Wallet : 22-Years old leather wallet.

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I like the scales on the knife too. Very attractive and changes the whole look of it. I also like the watch. I'm been looking at watches and that will go to the top of the list when I'm ready to buy.
Indeed it is, my friend did a great job on that one.
Been wearing it for a few months, it's a good watch with an affordable price I must say.
That watch looks rally good with the brown leather band. I will have to check out getting a similar setup. How is the band when it gets wet?
It holds up pretty nicely, you don't really feel it even if it's wet.
Impressive hand scales mod on that kershaw
Thank you, a friend of mine did it for me, and he did a really good job on that :)
He machined it I'm assuming?
For the cutting, yes. But the detailing and some other stuff were done by hand :)