In the Pocket of a 10 Year Old Boy at Be

Mom (age 36)
Santa Maria, CA
Contents of a 10 year old boy's pockets at bed time: Nebo flashlight, pocket knife, a stone he's been carving into an arrowhead, a folded up drawing, black pencil, some coins, a few kinds of seeds, found container to keep them in (from which they had all spilled), a small crystal, a tiny plastic spyglass, and what he charmingly calls a "pocket handkerchief."

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That's a really cool knife! What kind is it?
Excellent, mom!!! This is great encouragement! They say, it's your dad that makes you a male, but it's your mom that makes you a man. There's the proof. :-) and he's getting the right tools as a result.
Awesome! that's where it all starts. He looks well prepared. Brings me back. Good job mom!