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RN (age 49)
Rochester, MN
Pick a watch and go. Both are luminous, waterproof and tough. Earbuds are for walk/exercise/studying. They have true volume control for my LG G3. REI wallet is great. ID window, 'nuff room for cards and cash, small, breathable. Sarenmu fits in my coin pocket. Low setting on Ti3 perfect for navigating dark stairs or finding keyholes. S-binder clips easy to my belt loop, keys are locked. Zippo is thirty years old, still works.

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Rav4 Limited, black. I've been thinking about beefing back up to a 4WD. This gets around very well on-road tho.
Rav4s are nice. I know I should get something more economical, but I love 4Runners. I wanted one when Toyota made the first one in '84. Finally scored a V8 4wd Limited and I'm very happy with it. Nice gear.
Yeah, mileage makes that a tough choice. I drive about 30k a year so... V8 Limited, NICE. I'm jealous.