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Danville, California
To write or to type? That is the question. For me, I enjoy writing. Theres just something about the feeling of putting ink down to paper, its irreplaceable. I love it so much that it actually affects the way i dress. I wear pocket t-shirts almost exclusively just so i can carry pens everyday.

-I carry two pens: One fountain pen (Nakaya Titanium Piccolo) and one general use gel refill type pen (Macmadco Titanium Bolt Action Pen). I chose these two pens for the matching titanium construction/aesthetic and the contrasting writing experiences. The differences in line weights between the two pens add interest and direction to my notes. Which in turn helps me highlight specific notes.
-I also carry one pocket notebook, which is a Nock Co. DotDash Reporter Notebook. I chose this notebook for the fountain pen friendly paper and the functional top bound construction which compliments my uses (list writing) perfectly.

Do you believe in carrying a pen or pocket notebook everyday? Comment below your thoughts or submit your setup to the website.

Carry on guys and gals,

Mike Espineli

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