Fall EDC

Lawyer (age 26)
Phoenix, Arizona
Much about this carry is pretty standard. It's been recently upgraded with a Case Orvis knife from a Massdrop. I love the Machine Era Co. Wallet, fits all my cards nicely and I rarely carry cash. If I do, it can handle a few folded bills. Declan is maker of microfiber pocket squares and handkerchiefs, and their products are great. I've been a fan of them since they launched on Kickstarter. The Pad & Quill Apple Watch band is also fairly new. I had some quality control issues with it at first, but their customer service is pretty excellent. Now I'm pleased as punch about the style upgrade it brings to the Apple Watch. The Machine Era Co. Brass Pen works great with the Moleskine for note taking. I used to rock a space pen, but could never get fully behind the way those wrote. This pen accepts G-2 refills, and writes like a charm. Lastly, I always am fiddling with something in my hands, and one of my Grandfather's old silver dollars fills that niche nicely.

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How do you like the Machine Era pen?
Cool carry! What do you use the Declan for mostly?
My Glasses and iDevices, pretty much.
Those volant notebooks are so fragile, but handy in a pinch! Size is perfect too.
This is a really good carry!