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Queensland, Australia
This is what I have on me on a typical work day. I like having at least a pocket knife and a light with me everyday so I carry my Victorinox Cadet paired with my 1xAAA ITP EOS flashlight in my Victorinox Cordura Belt Pouch which I slip into my pocket instead of attaching to my belt. I also carry a Victorinox Signature and a NItecore Tube as backup (they are separate from my keys as they are easier to use when not dangling from a loaded key ring). The Victorinox Signature comes in quite handy as an urban, people friendly knife with its small scissors and retractable ballpoint pen. I carry my keys in a Nylon Pacific Cutlery pouch so that it doesn't poke a hole through my pants or scratch up whatever may be sharing the same pocket space with it.

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