Leatherman Wingman

From Leatherman

420HC Combo Knife, Spring-action Regular Pliers, Spring-action Needlenose Pliers, Spring-action Wire Cutters

Wire Stripper, Small Screwdriver, Medium Screwdriver, Phillips Screwdriver,

Spring-action scissors

Wood/Metal File, Bottle Opener, Can Opener

Sheath Not Included


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Great tool but the bottle opener is actually terrible, it does not work well. I can't believe Leatherman never tested the Opener on this version, it doesn't work.
Best Wingman no talking
Simple to use, light enough to carry daily stress free and practical! Just a great piece of gear...
Best value multitool I own. I picked it up on sale and I couldn't be happier. I adjusted one of the screws slightly, so that the knife opened faster but didn't wobble, and now it perfectly fits my EDC.
3/5. Solid multitool for the money. Some play in the tools.
My most carried item. It is light, fits on any pocket and sometimes you forget its even there. Always on hand, just as a Wingman should be.
Great as a first multitool. Solid construction, as with all Leatherman products, though when closed there's a little sideways movement between the two sides. Great pliers, reasonably good combi blade that can handle most applications, though if anything stressful comes up rather get a dedicated blade. Scissors are good for trimming loose threads on clothing or cutting fishing line but for anything larger the blade would be more suited. Crappy bottle opener most multitools have, can open things but takes some fiddling.
At a budget this handy tool is great. The size and weight make ideal for e.d.c. my only suggestion would to ditch the serrated combo blade for a fine edge blade.
Added bit driver from leatherman wave
Great compromise if you want to save 1.5 ounces of weight compared with the Leatherman Wave, which is also twice as expensive. You also get a blade and scissors accessible without opening the tool. The pliers are spring-loaded which makes them very pleasant to use. Overall, sturdier tool than the Skeletool with bigger, stronger pliers. I was disappointed by the Skeletool. The pliers and driver bits don't feel as strong as I would have hoped. It's mostly cool-looking and slightly better than a Swiss Army knife. The Wingman is where it's at for lightweight to medium tasks and much cheaper.
(w/ Bottle Opener)
My first Leatherman and I think that its the best choise. Amazing price-quality ratio.
I recently got a skeletool, so I retired my Wingman after a good run. decided to experiment. I'm kind of digging it. The Phillips and flat head only come out at a 90 degree but they are still useful. We'll see. Been contemplating going back to a SAK to cut weight, so maybe this will do the trick.
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