Flowfold Front Pocket Wallet

From Flowfold

Thin as a credit card and so light it floats

Stronger than steel. Made from carbon fiber repurposed racing sails

Holds up to 11 credit cards plus your cash

Made in the USA. Designed by surfers and handmade on the coast of Maine

Built to last and backed by the Flowfold warranty


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Reviews (3 total)

Great little wallet, low price and great durability. The warranty is LIFE time. I have two different colours. The service from flow fold is impeccable. Not bad for $10.
I own this wallet, and ordered an aluminum slim wallet as well :))), https://www.amazon.com/dp/B074DT37TP?tag=bg999-20.
I love my FlowFold front pocket wallet, this is my second one my first was getting a little worn after being given to me by the owner of FlowFold as one of his first prototypes (I bought this one).
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